11 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Jaundice and dark urine

Jaundice and dark urine – 12Healthy.com

Jaundice is a yellowish coloration in your eyes, oral mucosa, and skin. It is typically caused by an increase of bilirubin in the blood. As they grow, pancreatic cancers in the head of the pancreas would likely cause a blockage in the normal flow of bile from the gallbladder into the intestines. Bile would accumulate, cause an enlarged gallbladder and flow back into the blood. The bile is a mix of cholesterol, bilirubin, and other substances, and the resulting increase of bilirubin in the blood would cause a yellowish look in the skin and dark urine as it is eliminated by the kidneys. The bilirubin in the skin causes a continuous and annoying itching that usually accompanies jaundice.