Childhood Leukemia: 14 Early Symptoms Of Childhood Leukemia – Common Signs and Symptoms


Anemia –

Reduced number of red blood cells or deficiency of oxygen-carrying pigment – hemoglobin – in the blood is called anemia.  It is one of the most prevalent symptoms of all types of leukemia in the children.

Red blood cells (RBCs) aid in oxygen distribution throughout the body. Overcrowding of immature blood cells makes it difficult to produce healthy RBCs in sufficient amounts. Deficiency of mature red blood cells means there is limited availability of oxygen carries in the blood. The signs of anemia include exhaustion, pale skin, rapid breathing, and yellowing of eyes. Some kids also report feeling faint or lightheaded.

When your child has a drop in blood flow to their brain, their voice can be slurred. A blood test will show whether there is an abnormally low RBC count is in your child.