Diabetes Symptoms: Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes For Seniors

Mobility limitations

Mobility limitations – 12Healthy.com

In the elderly, diabetes is often paired up with functional decline and physical limitations. They are more likely to use a cane, wheelchair, and other types of aid. They are also in a higher risk of falls, which is especially dangerous in this population.

Trying to diagnose seniors is a whole different world. It seems a totally new field of medicine, and the same rules do not always apply. That’s why many diseases go unnoticed, as it happens with diabetes. However, not diagnosing diabetes on time would result in many complications and various health problems. There are many physical challenges to diagnose seniors because many of them live in isolation, some might have financial problems, and still, others have emotional issues and lack of interest when it comes to taking care of themselves.

As a takeaway message, remember that senior patients do not necessarily experience the same diabetes symptoms. Increased hunger, thirst, and urination are not frequent. Vascular complications and nerve damage are more common in them, and they usually experience incontinence, confusion, and dehydration symptoms. Do not delay medical attention to older patients and if you have any concern don’t hesitate to ask your physician