Kidney Failure Symptoms: 14 Warning Signs Of Kidney Failure You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Swelling of limbs

Swelling of limbs –

It is the function of kidneys to take out and filtrate the excess fluid from the body in the form of excretions such as urine and sweat. But when a person is suffering from kidney disease, the kidneys do no retain their healthy function, and there is impairment in the fluid extraction and filtration from the body. The extra fluid, which also contains harmful waste products are unnecessary for the body, and this fluid tries to accumulate in the extracellular spaces. The buildup of the excess fluid in the areas around the tissues and organs cause the condition of edema in which the extracellular fluid along with sodium ions in your blood circulation cause severe swelling. At first, the swelling is not visible even to the patient suffering from kidney failure. Still, with the progression in the condition of kidney disease in the patient, the swelling becomes more apparent.

Usually, the swelling happens in the limbs of the body where it is more apparent and visible, but edema also causes internal inflammation too. The internal swelling of the body organs and tissues due to impairment in the function of kidneys is way more dangerous than the apparent swelling as the accurate identification is not possible. The extra or excess fluid in the body causes swelling of the arms, ankles, and the legs too. The puffiness and swelling of the under-eye area and around the eye is also a sign of edema due to kidney failure.