Kidney Failure Symptoms: 14 Warning Signs Of Kidney Failure You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath –

The patients having chronic kidney failure often complain about the shortness of breath, and it becomes dreadful for them. The shortness of breath due to kidney diseases and kidney failure is a very alarming situation for the patients. The patients feel breathless and fearful during the performance of their daily routine work. The shortness of breath or becoming breathless at times indicate that the extra fluid circulating in the body due to the kidney dysfunction is starting to accumulate in the lungs, which causes an imbalance in the breathing process. Also, the kidney dysfunction in the patients of kidney failure, there is the development of anaemia in the body. The anaemia causes a shortage in the supply of oxygen-carrying red blood cells, and this shortage leads towards the event of a shortage of oxygen for the body. The shortage of oxygen in the body results in the difficulty to breathe properly and makes the body oxygen-deprived. This condition of having difficulty in breathing can lead to serious fatal results for the patients suffering from kidney failure.