Oral Cancer Symptoms: 11 Early Warning Signs Of Oral Cancer

Location of the lesion

Location of the lesion – 12Healthy.com

Papilloma can occur on the hard and soft palate, uvula, tongue, or lips. Hemangiomas and fibroma can occur anywhere in the mouth. Torus is seen bilaterally on the mandible and as a solid lobulated mass on the hard palate. Pyogenic granuloma of the oral cavity is seen mostly on the anterior gingiva. Lymphangioma is seen mainly on the anterior two-thirds of the tongue; it occurs as a diffuse involvement of the tongue or as a localized mass. Minor salivary gland tumors are seen most commonly on the soft palate and hard palate but can occur anywhere in the oral cavity.

Premalignant tumors such as leukoplakia are frequently located in the buccal mucosa and oral commissure. It is less frequent in the floor of the mouth, tongue, gingiva buccal sulcus, and mucosa of the lips. On the other hand, erythroplakia can be seen anywhere on the mucosa. Malignancy of the lip occurs mostly on the lower portion. It is located at the midline between the commissure and the mid-portion of the lip. Carcinoma of the tongue is most common on the ventral surface of the mid-lateral edges of the tongue.