Prostate cancer (overview, symptoms, causes, stages, diagnosis, treatment)

Pain in the pelvis

Pain in the pelvis –

As prostate cancer does not manifest its signs in the earlier stages, so cancer progresses towards the advancement. In the advanced stage of prostate cancer, mostly known as metastatic prostate cancer, the cancer cells start invading the tissues and organs present in the close perimeters of the prostate gland. The spread of prostate cancer cells in the pelvic area causes pain in the lower back, upper thighs, and hips. In the cases of malignant prostate cancer, the patient also suffers from the numbness in the spinal cord as the prostate cancer invades the spinal cord too. The pain in the pelvic area is known as the groin, which is the sensation of dull pain very much like the toothache. Some people also feel pain advancing towards their ribs and is quite different from the pain you feel normal after fatigue.