What Are Skin Tags? Causes and Treatment Options

Skin Tags Symptoms

Skin Tags Symptoms
Skin Tags Symptoms

Common symptoms of skin tags include: (2)

  1. Small, soft, flesh-colored or brown growths that are attached to the skin.
  2. Usually found in exposed body areas where skin rubs against clothing or other wearables – such as the neck, armpits, groin, eyelids, and under the breasts.
  3. They are usually painless, but may become irritated or inflamed if rubbed or scratched.
  4. Skin tags are generally small, ranging in size from 1mm to 5cm.
  5. They may appear singly or in clusters.
  6. They are more common in overweight people, pregnant women, and people with diabetes.
  7. Skin tags do not usually require treatment, but may be removed if they cause discomfort or for cosmetic reasons.