17 Foods That You Should Avoid If You Have Pancreatic Cancer

Every year more than fifty thousand Americans are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The exact cause of the cancer is not yet known but scientists has linked the causes to lifestyle and genetics. Understanding some the factors that may lead to the cancer might help you minimize the risk of getting it. Pancreatic cancer is caused More

Workouts To Regain Youth Simple Exercises For Seniors.

As we age, several things change in our minds and bodies. Reaching a mature age with vast life experience is paired up with memory problems and learning difficulties. And even if you get a comprehensive understanding of human health, there are different ailments and health conditions irremediably tied to an older age. However, there’s something More

Lung Cancer: Types, Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

The primary function of the lungs is breathing, and mediating the exchange of oxygen and CO2. The left lung is divided by the oblique fissure into an upper and lower lobe. The right lung has three lobes and two fissures. Each lobe is composed of segments with anatomically defined areas, each one with bronchial, pulmonary More

What is Sarcoma? Sarcoma Symptoms, Types, Causes, Treatments

What is Sarcoma? Sarcomas are malignant tumors of the mesenchymal tissue. Mesenchyme is a term used to refer to the connective tissue of the embryo. The origin of the mesenchyme is predominantly mesoderm, but in the head, and neck region it arises from ectoderm. The mesenchyme has scattered cells with no junctions and a lot More

Flu (Influenza): Symptoms, Signs, Causes, Types, Diagnosis, Treatment

Millions of people suffer from the flu every winter. Flu is a short name for influenza and caused by different viruses. The viruses are microscopic germs that can spread easily from one person to the next. They cause diseases or illnesses like the flu. Influenza viruses are respiratory viruses that affect the throat, nose, bronchial More

What Are The Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer? 16 Common Symptoms

Patients with ovarian tumors account for less than 3% of gynecological admissions in hospitals. Out of all ovarian tumors, 80-90% are benign, and 20-25% are premalignant and malignant tumors. Benign tumors are divided into germ cell tumors such as dermoid cyst (mature cystic teratoma), mature solid teratoma, epithelial tumors, which include adenomas (serous, mucinous, endometrioid) More