Feeling fulfilled and happy involves not only meaningful life events but also keeping a good health. Feeling healthy is a mandatory step to achieve real happiness, and we know this at 12healthy. We have started this webpage with the intention of providing relevant information to keep and improve our health.

Health sciences are quite tricky and may seem difficult to understand, but they are based on very straightforward and logical information we can grasp without having any major or degree in the medical field. Thus, in 12healthy we aim to provide curated medical information, made available for the public to understand.

We believe information is power, and it can transform itself into a healthier organism as well. By keeping our public informed on health sciences and its advances, we are striving to understand the underlying causes of disease, how to prevent health problems, and how to live a healthier life.

In 12healthy, we provide a vast selection of information related to our health and how to maintain it. You will find articles about disease prevention, where our primary focus is to give you all the information you need to keep yourself and your family away from common diseases and health risks. We will also address specific conditions, the warning signs, and symptoms, and when do you need to get urgent medical assistance. In these articles, our main intention is not replacing your doctor’s opinion, but rather giving you the information you need to understand the basis of health and disease and be able to identify when is it more advisable to speak to your healthcare provider.

In other articles, our main focus will be certain signs and symptoms instead of specific diseases. These articles are meant to give you the information you need to look into yourself and let your own body talk. In such articles, you will find the most common diseases associated with your symptoms, and how to further identify your current health condition. However, we should stress that reaching a definite diagnose will require not only understanding your signs and symptoms but also performing a physical exam and lab tests, which should be performed and interpreted by a professional.

Exercise is an essential part to maintain and improve your health. It reduces our cardiovascular risk, improves and stimulates the normal production of hormones, and has plenty of mental health benefits. Therefore, we can’t have a health site that does not address exercise as an integral part of our health. 12healthy is not a fitness-based web, but it provides significant information about exercise and fitness, and how to include this healthy lifestyle into your daily routine.

Another mandatory topic when talking about health and disease prevention is nutrition. You will find in our nutrition articles helpful information to choose your food sources more carefully and plan ahead your diets. Once again, 12healthy does not intend to replace the advice an expert would give you. A nutritionist would examine you carefully, calculate your basal metabolism and give you a special diet according to your actual needs, health profile, and goals. However, you will find in our pages all the information you need to make clever choices, change your dietary pattern, and understand the inextricable association between nutrition and disease.

The writers in 12healthy are all professionals in the field of health sciences and medicine and will provide relevant and accurate data from the latest scientific findings and the current updates in books and medical guidelines. We are always in search of meaningful information for our public, trying to provide valuable tools to improve your health naturally. We are willing to answer to your medical questions and concerns as long as they remain pertinent to the site, and we would love to hear back from you in our comments sections.

Our team in 12healthy is deeply concerned with promoting health, most of us are health professionals with face-to-face experiences on how diseases change the quality of life in our patients. Recognizing the internet as a universal source of information, we aim to turn 12healthy into your reference site to find relevant, up-to-date, and clear medical data.

In other words, rest assure anytime you read from us in 12healthy. We are a board of professionals, always making sure to provide accurate information in a very clear language. We are concerned about your health and would like to make good use to the Internet in order to reach more people and provide the answer to their usual questions. However, we will always recommend to follow the advice of your physician and trust their expertise. They do not only rely on information but also on their own experience with patients and diseases, their physical examination and lab results, which should only be interpreted by your clinician.

We encourage you to follow our publications and keep yourself updated on how to improve your health and quality of life with indispensable yet straightforward modifications that will make a difference. You will not only feel better yourself but promote better health to your family and loved ones.