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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction – 12Healthy.com

Deeply linked with the aforementioned circulatory problems, erectile dysfunction is a common problem among people with diabetes. The erectile function needs a correct blood pump, and one of the consequences of high blood glucose is an impaired circulatory function.

Not every patient with diabetes experience erectile dysfunction, and it is a problem with a very strong psychological influence as well. Therefore, it is essential to ask your physician about it before reaching to any given conclusion about the link between diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

Early detection of diabetes is the key to get appropriate treatment from the start, which would make it easier to control blood glucose and prevent the adverse outcomes of the disease. Many patients have lived a normal life, even with type 2 diabetes. The key to maintaining a high quality of life is to focus on prevention, perform necessary changes to our lifestyle and diet, and follow the prescription meds as directed by your physician.
Therefore, if you have started noticing any of the changes we have previously described, ask your doctor about your symptoms before reaching into any conclusion by yourself. Even your doctor would require a series of blood tests to diagnose diabetes and start any given treatment. If that happens, maintain a close monitor to your blood glucose levels, make any adjustment of your meds along with your physician, and follow his advice to the letter.