17 Foods That You Should Avoid If You Have Pancreatic Cancer

Every year more than fifty thousand Americans are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The exact cause of the cancer is not yet known but scientists has linked the causes to lifestyle and genetics. Understanding some the factors that may lead to the cancer might help you minimize the risk of getting it. Pancreatic cancer is caused by some mutated cells that have grown out of control which causes a tumor.

As we have already seen, the exact reasons for the cause of the cancer are not yet known but certain lifestyles like smoking tobacco has been linked to pancreatic cancer. People who are obese are also in high risk of getting pancreatic cancer. If there is a family member who had the cancer there is a high chance that one can get the cancer because at some point pancreatic cancer has been considered as hereditary.

Old age sometimes has also been linked with this deadly cancer. There are more factors linked to pancreatic cancer but they are not the exact causes. Nausea, constipation and vomiting regularly are some of the common signs of pancreatic cancer. If you have these signs consult your doctor and if it is confirmed that you have the cancer then you will have to change your lifestyle.

You need know how to live in a healthy way in order to decrease the risk paused by the cancer. There are some foods that you should take to keep your body healthy and there are some that you must avoid. In this article we are going to talk about 17 foods that you should avoid if you have pancreatic cancer.

French fries

French fries – 12Healthy.com

The main functions of pancreas are to help the body in digestion and regulate the blood sugar levels in your body. French fries are fried which means that it contains a lot of fats. Pancreas will require to turn this fats into fuel and if you have pancreatic cancer it will mean that you are overworking the pancreas. Overworking the pancreas when you are already diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is dangerous and it can lead to death. Avoid French fries at all costs if you want to maintain your health.