Childhood Leukemia: 14 Early Symptoms Of Childhood Leukemia – Common Signs and Symptoms

Swollen lymph nodes

Swollen lymph nodes –

Many types of leukemia spread to lymph nodes – which are usually small collections of immune cells throughout the body. In certain parts of the body, swollen nodes can be seen or felt as lumps under the skin (such as in the groin, on the sides of the neck, in underarm areas, or above the collarbone). Lymph nodes can also swell within the chest or abdomen, but this can only be seen on medical tests, such as CT scans or MRI scans.

Lymph nodes also get bigger in babies and children as they battle an infection. An enlarged lymph node in a child is likely to be a symptom of infection than leukemia, but should be examined by a doctor and closely monitored.