17 Foods That Cause Gout – See The Foods You Should Avoid


Herring – 12Healthy.com

Herring should be avoided at all costs because it leads to accumulation of fats in the joints. Regular consumption of this seafood increases crystal deposits in different joints on the body hence inflexibility of muscles. Herring has its health benefits, no doubt; spreading it across a bi-weekly meal plan is healthy. It can benefit your body with energy and has elements to do with brain activity. Most seafood is beneficial to the body. The only issue comes with consistency; it is worse if you don’t exercise and consume Herring. Tuna and Anchovies are also part of the risky foods from the sea. If you must eat fish or seafood, go for eel, Lobster, and shrimp. These are completely safe from gout. Herring should not be anywhere on the menu of a gout patient.